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Barter Trade Canada will help you trade and get what you need and want.


Trade what you have to get what you want.  Cars, boats? Any product or service. We have thousands of people that want to trade with you.

The Barter Store has a Current Total of
 $128,337,654.98 in Items for Sale.
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Let us get you started on the oldest way to pay for all the things you need and want.

The things that can be traded and bartered are almost limitless.


Goods and Services Available

to members of Barter Trade Canada. 

from hosted member exchanges


All Barter Groups Categories:  offering goods and services to our members.

About Barter Trade Canada. Find out why we are better!


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Featured Store Item:
Accommodations, Bed & Breakfast
Inn At The Olde Silk Mill
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Item Cost is  $99.00 CAD
Qty on hand is 4
IBA Member
Barter Trade Canada is a member of the  International Barter Alliance, a   DoBarter on Line service. Your membership in Barter Trade Canada offers you access to goods and services from ten's of thousands of members in exchanges worldwide.
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Barter Trade Canada will help you grow your business.
  1. Generate new sales, and get new customers.
  2. Bypass your competition by dealing with other members.
  3. Improve your bottom line and find new opportunities.
  4. Advertise to 50,000 other Barter members.
  5. Attract new clients, get referrals and more.
  6. Trade your product or service for all your needs.
  7. Recieve instant payment, with no receivables.
What can I barter here - You name it, we have it.



Barter Trade Canada
PO Box 20098 St. Catharines, ON L2M 7W7
Phone 1.855.BARTER3
Authorizations ONLY 866-334-1265
Software HELP Bobbi Vickers 931-227-HELP (4357)
DoBarter on Line is a SaaS [Software as a Service]
Barter Software designed to run your Business On-Line under your Control.
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